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  • 12/02/2015
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Will Avery is based out of Chantilly, VA. His latest project, "Pennies and Dollars", is a digital release of 29 original tracks - 7 of which are spoken word. If you get a penny for your thoughts, what do you get for your actions? Putting actions behind positive thoughts, chasing your dreams and being bold in adversity are some of the themes. 

A horse or unicorn of a different color describes Will's approach to children music. He utilizes various genres and atypical musical arrangements to form a unifying concept for each project. Balancing lighthearted fun topics with reflecting true life experiences through his art, Will cheekily broaches topics ranging from rainbows, robots, chasing dreams, personal relationships and more. 

Will first started writing songs for children while teaching English as a second language in Taiwan for 10 years. While working in Taiwan he published an intermediate book, "Rapping with English" and a series of books for pre-K, "Bobo and Friends", which included 100 original songs. Since moving back to the States, fatherhood has given new dimensions to his compositions. 

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Children’s Music | Electronica/Dance | Jazz



Will Avery

Penny for your thoughts, Dollar for your actions!


Hi, let me introduce myself to you.
I am Will Avery. (Pause) I write music for the kids. 
Some people say "He's silly." I say, "Gee, wiz
  Gosh Golly. I'm awesome from the head to the toe.
  The Super DBA over the rainbow
  I got flows. Shootin’ gummy bears out my nose
  You wanna take a picture? I pose..."

I hope you enjoyed Will’s introduction, which is 100% true. His latest project, “Pennies and Dollars” has the theme to invest in the future by putting thoughts into action (a penny for your thoughts, a dollar for your actions). Will dysfunctional relationships be rain on his parade or fuel on his fire? Will fears be blocks to his dreams or bricks in his road of life? The future has more questions than answers. There’s no single story. You don’t need permission to be amazing. Whether you succeed or fail, nothing beats a try.

Will shines a very unique perspective on children music. Jazz, rock, country, blues, funk, folk, rap, Americana and spoken word amuse, entertain and shock. “Pennies and Dollars”, will make you say “Oh Man” and think about children music differently. Will cheekily sings about his “Dysfunctional Family”, spins a tall tale about “Young McDonald” (before the farm) and shares true tales about personal experiences of being bullied, family life and more.


The drummer, Graham Doby, has played in The Funk Ark with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at The Howard Theater 2015 and The Bacon Theater 2015. Featured Americana duo on the track “Dysfunctional Family”, Swamp Candy, consists of Ruben Dobbs and Joey Mitchell who were given Radio Flag’s Radio Star Award  for “Best Artist Fall 2014" and were also recognized as one of the top 20 bands to watch in the Mid Atlantic region by Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine. Kairos Quintet artists [Aaron Sefchick - guitar, Eugene Islovic - piano] lay foundation grooves. Featured artists [Andrew Griffin - bass, Joey Baham - vocals, Miles Stiebel/Molly Thornton - violin, Miles Harshman - guitar, Mike Thomas - banjo, Sean Mason - didgeridoo] round out a phenomenal musical cast. Producer/lyricist, Will Avery, has published music and children books internationally and enlists his alter egos of Young McDonald, Super DBA, Mr. Penny and MC Black Friday to join the musical quest.  



Literally, a bang for the buck, the “Pennies and Dollars” project consists of 29 tracks and can be digitally downloaded exclusively at CDBaby.com for only $.99
Release date: December 1, 2015


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